This Does Put A Smile On My Face!

This is a question that has been brought up by many people. The most common theory is that Thanos was talking about the Infinity Gauntlet. In this post, we will break down his quote in order to better understand what he means and how this relates to the movie.

First, the quote: “ This does put a smile on my face. What does it mean? Why do you laugh when I say this in the movie? Where did that lead you back to me?”

In these words, Thanos is talking about how he has won and everything around him is his now. He ponders why people are laughing at what he says because they know who holds all of the power over them now with Infinity Gauntlet – himself! If we take this into account, Thanos was not referring to just an item or person but rather something much bigger which would have led us back to him (in relation to the MCU). The best example from recent memory would be when Captain America puts on the shield to lead the Avengers in Infinity War and he says “Captain America has returned,” which is a big deal because that shield was only ever held by Captain America.

This sentence links nicely with the previous one as Thanos is talking about the power he has obtained and this leads us back to him.

This sentence teaches us that there are many ways of interpreting what Thanos says in Infinity War but this interpretation is plausible because it links with other lines from his dialogue, if we take a deeper look into his speech patterns then others will be rationalized as well.

The thing which makes this line so thought-provoking is how it can have such various meanings depending on who you ask, I could see someone saying ‘this does put a smile on my face meaning something completely different to them whilst at the same time understanding their point too!

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Where did that lead you back to me?”

“Oh, this does put a smile on my face. What more do you think people should know about this quote? Contact me below!”

this does put a smile on my face meaning?

where did we first hear Thanos saying these words?

This quote was in the movie Infinity War when Thanos spoke to a girl who is one of Thanos’s children. It is not clear what this means, but it seems like he says this as if she has picked up on something and she recognizes that he knows too. There are two theories about this phrase: The first theory assumes that because we know that some characters have their speech patterns from their father (e.g., Gamora), then this could be pointing out how strong her heritage with the family is since they share thoughts or feelings through mindreading abilities which would make sense why her mother refers to him as our Father at one point throughout the film. And secondly, another possible explanation for his dialogue being “this does put a smile on my face” could be that this is how Thanos feels about his daughter, Gamora.