What Language Does Lady Rainicorn Speak?

Lady Rainicorn

In the original American version of Adventure Time, Lady Rainicorn speaks English. However, in the Korean version, she speaks Korean! This is because her voice actor in Korea can speak both languages and wanted to give her a unique personality by using one language for each country. Jake also speaks Korean instead of English in this version as well, so that he too has a distinct personality from his American counterpart. In the Korean version of Adventure Time, Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean instead of English.

This is why lady Rainicorn’s speech sounds different: In the original American version of Adventure Time she spoke English with an American accent but in the Korean dub on adventure time she depends on what episode it is speaking either Korea or America depending on what characters are featured but mostly speak English when its not their main episodes which you should notice if you’re watching multiple episodes at a time.

what is lady rainicorn?

Lady Rainicorn is an omnivorous and telepathic flying rainbow unicorn that Jake the Dog befriended in the Adventure Time episode “Her Parents”. She lives on her own planet, which she shares with many other creatures including her parents who are apparently unrecognizable without their disguises because of how ugly they really look. The residents there seem to have some sort of language system all their own, but it’s not clear what this might be as no one besides lady RAINICORN has ever been seen speaking or even making any sound whatsoever (besides grunting). Does Lady Rainicorn speak English in the Korean version of Adventure Time? Yes! In the original American version lady, RAINICORN speaks English all the time. In the Korean version, she only does so in lines that were originally spoken by Jake, who is a dog and thus can’t speak Korean.

What language does Lady Rainicorn Speak? The character lady RAINICORN speaks what seems to be Unicode font symbols (as seen on her planet where everyone has some sort of letter over their head) which are not consistent with any languages we have identified as being known on Earth or anywhere else for that matter! This might indicate an original language created specifically for her race; if so then they should really start teaching it at schools since it’s better than Klingon. The other lines are voiced by a Korean actress who doesn’t speak English.

Does Lady Rainicorn speak English in the Korean Version of Adventure Time?

Yes! In the original American version, she speaks English all the time. In Korea, where her voice is dubbed over by an actor/actress that can’t do any better than make sounds like “bab,” she only speaks when Jake is around.

Why does Lady Rainicorn Speak Korean? In the original American version, lady RAINICORN speaks English with a British accent. But in Korea, she only ever speaks when Jake is present and doesn’t speak at any other time. This might be because they don’t have an animal that can speak like her on their planet so it’s just easier to make her voice sound human instead of trying hard to get what sounds would naturally come out of the mouth of a dog speaker- which means this could also mean that Lady RAINICORN is NOT really speaking Korean either! As far as we know, all animals from Earth are able to understand English while some aliens seem capable of understanding both languages (due to presumably living among humans for long periods of time) but all animals from other planets can only understand their own native language- which means that Lady RAINICORN might not be speaking Korean at all!

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