What Level Does Shellder Evolve?

Shellder Evolve

Shellder is a water-type pokemon that was first released in Generation I. It evolves from Cloyster and can evolve into either Fist or Sword (both of which have different strengths and weaknesses).

What level does Shellder evolve? Shellder is which type of pokemon? what level does Cloyster evolve? how do you evolve Shellder into Sword? what level does Shellder learn shell smash?

Shellder’s strengths and weaknesses?

Shellder evolves from Cloyster at level 28. It is a water-type pokemon that was first released in Generation I. The evolution into Fist or Sword (both of which have different strengths and weaknesses) happens when Shellder reaches the necessary level to evolve, though it does not happen naturally. You must use an item called King’s Rock on your Pokemon while breeding with another one to get the desired result for evolving.

Shell Smash is learned by leveling up but can also be used during battle if you want to lower its defense so you do more damage against it since it will take fewer hits before fainting than other opponents who don’t know this move. This attack is only housed by Shellder, Cloyster, and Staryu.

In terms of weaknesses, it knows how to defend itself from fire-type moves but if attacked with an electric type move the experience points gained will be less as opposed to other pokemon that are not weak against electricity or water. It also has a weakness when fighting flying types where there is a 50% chance it can’t avoid any damage taken due to its lack of wings for flight.

Shell Smash cannot inflict high damage on steel or rock opponents because they’re immune to this damaging effect while being able to learn defense lowering moves like Iron Defense which nullifies Shell Smash’s purpose so in those cases, you should switch strategies up since doing more than half your HP worth of damage is hard to do.

It also has a high defense stat and immunity against ground-type moves but its weaknesses in the type department are that it cannot learn many powerful attacking moves so you have to rely on some not as strong ones like Bubblebeam or Icy Wind, for instance. It can be found at Route 12 near Rustboro City after evolving from Cloyster which you find underwater during your travels with Steven Stone chasing Team Aqua when they steal his research data about depleting Kyogre’s energy and his needs help to retrieve the submarine Sootopolis Key which leads up to this location.

Shellder will evolve into First when level 34 is reached and then again into Sword King when level 45 becomes achieved.

Shellder has a pretty low-level cap of 20 but it evolves into Cloyster at level 36. The evolution to Cloyster is interesting because of the way its new form changes from being in a shell with two short stumps for arms and legs, one on each side to having four long tentacles that are extruded out of the bottom of its shell when you reach this evolutionary stage so now it can attack opponents by shooting sharp spikes or blasting them with jets of water as well as doing more damage than Shellder could do in this state. Its type weaknesses change too since ground-type moves will still be super effective against it but before they were not very strong while now rock-type moves are much stronger which means that Rock Smash can now do major damage to it.

Shellder strength

Shellder’s strengths are that it is a decent water type pokemon with both high speed and defense stats but its weaknesses are that there are many other types of opponents that can counter the effectiveness of this pokemon, including electric or grass type moves since these will not only be strong against them but also nullify their ability to attack as well because they cannot use any skills such as hydro pump when paralyzed by an electrical move.

The shell smashes skill is one of Shellder’s best ones which enables you to destroy your opponent’s protective armor – like those caused by protecting or reflect abilities – in addition to doing significant damage on top of all sorts of status effects so if you want something like a speedy the bullet that can also inflict a lot of conditions in one go then this ability is perfect for you.

The only downside to Shellder’s skillset though, which means it needs to be kept at the back of your team and protected by other pokemon if possible, is its lack of any defensive moves so once they are hit with an effective attack their own armor will quickly fall away leaving them open and vulnerable. You’ll need something like Roar or Dragon Tail from Skarmory – say – who has access to both physical defense as well as some good status inducing attacks themselves while still being able to protect others.

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