When Does Gintama Get Good?


The anime Gintama is a show about samurai in an alternate feudal Japan. It has been running for over 10 years, and it has had its ups and downs, with some seasons being better than others. There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not you want to watch this show. So here we go!

When does Gintama get good? The first season of Gintama starts slow, but the series gets much more interesting by the second season. In what episode does Gintama get good? This answer varies from person to person; however, most people agree that episodes 74 – 85 are where the story really starts going somewhere special.

The first few episodes are a bit of a slog, but if you’re able to make it past episode three or four, I think there’s some really great stuff. It takes about six episodes for things to start getting interesting enough that the series as a whole is worth sticking with.

In what episode does Gintama get good? All twenty seasons so far have been consistently excellent, but my personal favorite is season two when they do this mind game sort of thing where each character starts seeing themselves on television and has no idea how much time elapses between segments. That one was always trippy and fun to watch.

Can I skip Gintama episodes? If you’re too impatient to wait for the series to get good, it’s possible that there are some really great standalone arcs and one-off jokes scattered throughout. For example, Episode seventy-four is a two-hour movie about an alien invasion which was surprisingly well done! It might be worth checking out if you want something more substantial than just small gags. When does Gintama get serious? The show has always been funny but oftentimes with some real underlying messages (like in episode 148 when they explore how grief can change people).

The first time we see this sort of thing happening in earnest though is at the end of season twenty where we have these flashbacks of what happened to the characters five years ago and how they have changed as a result.

Gintama reviews:

The show does get slow at times, but when it’s good it is really good! I can’t think of much other anime that can match its scope for hilarity or variety in character designs. When does Gintama get serious? It’s worth sticking with because there are some truly great arcs waiting to be experienced if you’re patient enough.”

To start, let me say this isn’t an article about whether Gintama is bad or not – just about when it gets interesting and why people should stick around until then. There are plenty of reviews out there by now explaining what makes Gintama so great, and I don’t want to add anything that’s been said before.

Gintama is a really good anime with an interesting premise and cast of characters. When does Gintama get serious? It’s worth sticking with because there are some truly great arcs waiting to be experienced if you’re patient enough.”

The show has been on for ten years now – it just passed the 300 episode mark in November 2016! This means that people who have watched up through episode 100 will have seen at least one major arc (probably two), but they might not know when the series gets “serious” or where else in those first hundred episodes they should watch from onwards.

A lot of people find Gintama funny, but it is an old show and the humor might be outdated to some newer viewers. If you’re not into older shows like this where comedy doesn’t need visual gags, then I would say that you should pass on watching Gintama.” “Gintama does have a few really dark arcs (specifically in its second half), so while there are plenty of light-hearted moments throughout the series’ run, it’s also worth noting if your interests lie somewhere else.”

“If you do want to watch Gintama, here’s what I recommend: start with episodes 100+ because they’ll get you up to date without being bogged down too much by the show’s earlier jokes or plots. Episodes during this period are all standalone, so you can skip episodes without having to worry about missing some vital plot point.”

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