Which of the following does not provide strong evidence for the big bang theory?

Some people believe that the Big Bang Theory is not a fact, but there are many pieces of evidence for it. Which one of the following does not provide strong evidence for the theory?

The universe keeps expanding

There’s no proof that black holes exist in space

None of these things provides strong evidence against the theory

The universe keeps expanding. The theory points to the idea that there was a time when all of space and matter existed in one small place, but now it is spreading out every day. A finite-size would eventually lead back towards an explosion or something similar, so if the universe were actually shrinking then this would disprove the Big Bang Theory as well. None of these things provides strong evidence against the theory – they just indicate why scientists are still trying to figure out what happened at that point because nobody knows for sure yet! What do you think? Which piece of evidence supports the Big Bang theory?

I’m not really sure how we know with certainty that anything before about 300 thousand years after the creation has been defined by science… There’s a lot of things that are just conjecture, if not pure assumptions.

The Big Bang theory is based on three pieces of evidence:

the Laws of Thermodynamics

The Cosmic Background Radiation and

Hubble’s Law

This question about what happened before 300 thousand years after creation doesn’t have a good answer yet – but scientists think it might be some type of event called Inflation. That would make sense because inflationary cosmology predicts many different universes to emerge from an initial point at once! Which is basically the same thing as saying that our universe is just one of many.

A lot of people like to use what we know about cosmology and physics in general, which are both based on mathematical models – not hard evidence – to say things definitively about how galaxies work or how stars form… This means these types of statements aren’t really facts but assumptions.

But there’s no way around it: The Big Bang theory still provides some great explanations for why everything is so organized today! It can make sense out of all sorts of other theories too. This isn’t something you’ll find with any old idea about where the Universe came from! If anything, it makes more sense than a creator God does because at least this leaves room for other ideas.

This is why the Big Bang theory is considered a fact by so many people. It’s backed up with such strong evidence that it doesn’t matter what other theories exist or if they’re more aesthetically pleasing to some – this one has all the proof we need!

If you think about it, there are really only three pieces of solid evidence for the BigBang Theory: The cosmic microwave background radiation leftover from when our universe was once just hot plasma and electromagnetic waves; how quickly objects in space move away from each other as time goes on (called Hubble’s Law); and finally, gravitational lensing which occurs when light bends around massive objects like black holes.

Which piece of evidence supports the big bang?

The answer is the cosmic microwave background radiation.

This is because it was a time of great change as well as when we got our most important evidence for the big bang – everything in this post has been pointing to just how strong this piece of evidence really is with all its effects on current space research, and that’s not something you can say about any other theory! Which one doesn’t provide strong evidence?

The answer here would be electromagnetic waves since they are simply light or energy moving through space but don’t tell us anything new about what happened during those first moments after creation. They’re often used by people who believe in dark matter, so even though their numbers are growing slowly, they still pale in comparison to the Big Bang Theory which has support from all three pieces of evidence.

The Big Bang Theory has support from all three pieces of evidence because it explains the expanding universe, the cosmic microwave background radiation, and quasars which are really distant but very luminous objects that give us a sense of how old the Universe is.

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